Welcome to my blog!

Hello world!

My name is Behnoush (AKA Princess Saffron) and I’m a foodie. I love eating, cooking, sharing and of course photographing all sorts of delicious grub!

I left home when I was 19, and up until that point had no idea how to cook – in fact my mum wouldn’t let us anywhere near the kitchen. So in the following years of solitude and homesickness, I found comfort in trying out the recipes my mum used to make back home in Iran with various degrees of success; after all, Persian recipes are notoriously hard to make with little/next-to-no experience.

Over the years, I’ve gained experience in cooking various cuisines via trial and error, referring to cookbooks, asking questions, and of course the dear Youtube & Google! I enjoy cooking as much as eating out, but most of all, I love trying different food. I think it somehow changes who you are when you try something new, and where better to start experimenting than food! It’s dead easy to stuff your face, right? lol

I’m also very touched by the notion that sharing good food could really bring people together and make the most wonderful memories. When I first moved to the UK in 2005, I joined the International Society at the university where we had events such as the International Food Festival. I still remember the taste and joy of trying an authentic Chinese noodle soup for the first time and sharing a Persian stew I had made with my new friends. We all had a great time and made a lot of friends. It was such a wonderful experience… and all thanks to food.

I may sound over-optimistic or even crazy for saying so, but I really believe good food could bring about world peace; after all everybody appreciates tasty food. And we all find comfort in food… That’s why I’d love to share with you all the recipes I personally enjoy making for myself as well as my family and friends.

Here in this blog, I’m planning to post:

  • my tried versions of authentic Persian dishes,
  • my very own creations – recipes from all over the globe,
  • my attempts at recipes by different celebrity chefs (e.g. Jamie Oliver and Heston Blumenthal) as well as other sources like the internet or food magazines.

You could also tell me which recipes you like me to try for you and I’ll post the results here with pictures 🙂

Will keep you posted guys. Let’s get cooking!

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