Summer Bank Holiday Party Idea: Barbecue Steak for a Crowd

We’re reaching this summer’s last bank holiday weekend and surely many people are planning gatherings with family and friends. Fingers crossed should the weather permit, a barbecue is definitely on the cards for most! Why not 😉

If you’re wondering how to go about it, then our most recent weekend gatherings might give you some ideas on how to plan your day 🙂

*** In this article, I will present to you a steak barbecue party we recently hosted. You might also like to check out my article on serving Kebab/Souvlaki (skewered grills) for your party. You may also check the drinks article for ideas on what beverages to serve. ***

——- TARGET: barbecue party for 7, informal friendly gathering, healthy food. ——-

When there is a crowd that won’t fit around a table, then there is no choice than to go informal. So the buffet with some finger food is a great idea. But for some reason my husband was insisting on serving steak to our guests (it’s his favourite to make/eat!). But to me, steak is more of a formal meal and it’s challenging to make it to people’s liking, especially with a crowd.

So… to address this issue, we came up with an idea: serve it Chateaubriand style! Cook to the steaks on the barbie and then cut them into strips to serve.

——- PLAN: steak strips served with salad, 2 types of cocktails, some nibbles. ——-

Here are what we served while our guests were waiting for the main event:

  • halved cherry tomatoes in various colours
  • mixed olives
  • marinated artichokes
  • little mozzarella balls
  • cherry peppers

Simple, off the counter and healthy. Minimum effort required and everybody loved it.


And now the main event…

For the steak, we got thick sirloin cuts to allow for nice strips to be carved, plus thick cuts like this would turn lovely medium inside while charred on the outside. And having a few steaks allows to cater for various tastes, if not everyone is happy with medium rare! So one steak should be enough for 2 people, it was served with salad and we were all trying to watch our portions anyway to be healthier. I seasoned the steak well with salt and pepper and allowed them to reach room temperature. Then cooked them over charcoal.

For drinks, since the style of barbecue was very much South American, my wine loving other half chose an Argentine Malbec which went very well with the dish.


To serve on the side, I used a salad I came up with years ago called Maradona Salad. You could check out the recipe which is pretty simple and was very popular with our guests.


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