Summer Bank Holiday Party Idea: Drinks to Serve

Summer in Britain can be amazing when there is sunshine; the temperature is ideal and we could sit outside to enjoy a refreshing drink. Wonderful 🙂

Here are some of my favourite drinks served this summer…

Apple & Afinata Cocktail
Apple & Afinata Cocktail



Apple juice. Cloudy apple juice (pressed, not from concentrate) is the best drink ever. Almost everyone likes it and served chilled over ice is simply amazing on a hot sunny day. BUT… If you like to jazz it up a little, here are some ideas: Try a shot of blackcurrant cordial for a nice mocktail, or for those who drink try a shot of “Afinata“, a Romanian Blueberry liquor which is brandy based. It’s divine!




Gin & Cherry Cocktail
Gin & Cherry Cocktail
  • Cherry juice. I am Persian after all, so to me nothing says summer more than a glass of homemade cherry juice – cherries boiled and concentrated by mum or grandma which will be mixed with water served on ice to greet thirsty guests. These days I buy the juice off the shelf in the supermarkets (lazy immigrant!) and just top it up with sparkling water/soda. BUT… for a nice cocktail, try a shot of gin and some mint/basil leaves as garnish. It is absolutely lovely and a great hit!


  • Gin & Tonic. Earlier I talked about what shouts “summer” to me as a Persian, but as a Brit, it’s got to be G&T. Nothing is more refreshing and summery than a good old G&T. BUT… I had to give this one my own Persian twist. So my suggestion is to try Saffron G&T; one/two shot(s) of Saffron Gin by Gabriel Boudier (it’s French, but a very nice gin!), topped up with your tonic of choice. Garnish with lime and some fresh rosemary. It’s got real wow! 😀 Impresses the guests every time. Cheers!


Saffron G&T
Saffron Gin and Tonic

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