Hi and welcome to my blog!

My name is Behnoush (AKA Princess Saffron), and I am an obsessive foodie. I love travelling the world and trying new dishes, and then try and recreate them at home. I am also a keen food photographer; in fact like many people of my generation, I’ve got a huge stockpile of food photos on my phone! 😀

Cooking for me initially started as a necessity after moving out of my parents’ in Iran and immigrating to the UK in my late teens. Now though, cooking has turned into a hobby, which is now taking more of my time than I would be prepared to admit. It is a source of joy and amusement for me and hopefully for my fellow diners, being my family, friends or guests.

My style of cooking is centred around taste, balance and efficiency; the quicker I can make a very tasty balanced dish, the better. But sometimes one can’t use shortcuts, and particularly for special occasions, I wouldn’t mind going the extra mile, taking the time to ensure a great taste and high standard of presentation. Having said that though, to me food is not just about taste and presentation, it’s all about showing care and sharing an experience; an opportunity to bond and create unforgettble memories.

Like many people, I have found comfort and joy over and over in making and sharing food with others, so this is the reason behind the creation of this blog: to share my love of good food with everyone and to create harmony among people. Whether it is only yourself you are cooking for, just you and your other half on date night, or a bigger crowd for fun, my wish is for you to find recipes and ideas that you could use in your own kitchen and enjoy. Hopefully the experience would create lovely memories for you too 🙂

Before coming up with my own recipes, I learnt cooking from testing other people’s recipes and cookbooks, especially those of some amazing chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal, Rick Stein, Anna Olson and many others. So every now and then, I would also put the recipes to the test and then publish the results for those interested to give it a go.

I hope you find my posts useful. Let’s get cooking! And remember, have fun 😉